Lihong Liu

Born in Sichuan, China


PhD Program, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK,  2019- now

MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Arts, London, UK, 2015 - 2016

BA  Sichuan Fine Arts Institute, Chongqing, China, 2009 - 2013

Work Experience

2017 - 2019 Working in the Guangxi Arts University 


2021.04 - 'Anchor', group exhibition, Arthill Gallery, London

2020.10 -‘MY HOUSE IS AN ISLAND’, group exhibition,

                  Arthousehaus, London.

2017.11 -‘ART FOR PA PA PA PARTY’ Contemporary Art

                 Group Exhibition,BANANA JAM, Shenzhen, China.

2017.06 - THE 2017 LOS ANGELES INTERNATIONAL            


                  Chinese Art Museum of America, America
2017.05 - Isomerism——The 2nd ‘Harmony’ art exhibition,

                  Longcheng Art Center, Beijing
2017.04 - The 1st Art Century Painting Nomination

                  Exhibition in Hangzhou, Zhejiang University, China
2017.03 - ‘Harmony’ art exhibition, Beijing798, China
2016.12 - The 4th Exhibition for Nominated Young Artists in

                  Asian —’ Virtual Reality Art+’, The Bird’s nest

                  culture center in overseas museum, Beijing, China
2016.12 - Invitation Exhibition ‘Feng Zhi’, Ning space, Beijing


2016.05 - 'IN BETWEEN' LIHONG LIU Solo Exhibition,

                 Punctum Gallery, Chelsea College of Arts, London,


2016.04 - MA fine art Interim Show, Chelsea College of Arts,

                  London, UK

2015.11 - ‘Counter Practice Show’, Chelsea College of Arts,

                  London, UK

2014.04 - 'For Chinese Painting', Beijing, China

2013.06 - 2013 Graduate Exhibition,SCFAI, Chongqing, China